Bate 'N Switch (2017)


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Sisters Jack and Jennifer Bates visit childhood friend Laurie for an exciting Halloween weekend, but things take a turn after a ghostly encounter with Laurie's dead cat, Jim. This film was completed in just 48 hours as part of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Holiday Project in 2017.

Resolve (2018)


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A woman relives the death of her mother when she sees an opportunity for vengeance. This film was completed in just 48 hours as part of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project in 2018. It has been accepted into the following film festivals thus far and has won the following awards: Official Selection at the 2018 Delhi Shorts International Film Festival; Official Selection at the 2019 Oasis Film Screening Series; Official Selection at the 2019 Indian World Film Festival; Official Selection at the 2019 Unrestricted View Film Festival; Official Selection at the 2019 Best Shorts Competition (Award Of Merit for Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast, Original Song written and performed by Poonam Basu and produced by Scott Friedman, Script/Writer, Lighting and Award Of Recognition for Creativity/Originality).

A Good Shake (2018)


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Amy is clueless and nervous for her big date. With the help of her cool roommate Pooja and an internet sage, she's about to get through her biggest secret. This film was completed in just 72 hours as part of the International Four Points Film Project in 2018.

Done Dirt Cheap (2019)


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Sometimes you need a deep clean for a dirty deed. This film was completed in just 48 hours as part of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Comedy Project. It premiered on April 28th, 2019 at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14 in Los Angeles.

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Everfall (2019)


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Trapped in a nightmare, a couple is forced to cope with a recent tragedy that threatens to tear them apart forever.

WOMAS Feature Film Competition (May 2019)


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Team Rebelution Films is slated to compete in the WOMAS (Women Making A Scene) feature film competition in Los Angeles in  May, 2019.

Quote by CEO and Co-Founder Esther Mira featured on the WOMAS website


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Check out the WOMAS website to see other amazing teams that are competing from all over the world!

Untitled Dance Video (2019)


Team Rebelution Films is excited to be teaming up with some of the most forward-thinking choreographers to bring three bold and unique tales to life through dance and movement.

About Us

(L to R: Co-Founders Esther, Austin & Poonam)


Team Rebelution Films is an award-winning Independent Film Production Company based in Los Angeles. It was originally created for the 48 Hour Film Project by Esther Mira, Poonam Basu, and Austin Dragovich. The three joined forces in 2017, united by their mutual love for film, a hunger for more diverse narratives, and the desire to create the absolute best film they possibly could in just 48 hours. They assembled a diverse team of passionate, like-minded professionals, and the race was on! Currently, more than half of Team Rebelution identifies as female, and includes members from diverse ethnic backgrounds, as well as members who are part of the LGBTQIA community.  We are so proud of our team's hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent!

The PJs & Wine Podcast chats w/ co-founders poonam & esther

Interview w/ EOC Producer Kristin Tieche (begins at 15:33)

Behind The Scenes Of A Good Shake (2018)

Check out this great behind the scenes video of A Good Shake that our amazing 1st AD Nadia Fedchin put together while we were shooting. And be sure to subscribe to Nadia's YouTube channel!

Trailer for Resolve (2018)

The official trailer for Resolve.

Trailer for Bate 'N Switch (2017)

The official trailer for Bate 'N Switch.


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